Restorative Schools Toolkit

How to implement

In this section, you will find information about implementing restorative practices in school. The resources in this section are divided between two topical areas. First are examples of existing restorative practices in schools that we hold in great regard. Second are resources that provide guidance around implementing restorative practices in school. In particular, we have collected resources surrounding general implementation advice, peer conferencing, restorative conferencing, restorative conversations and language.

  • What RPs look like in schools
    • Models
    • Examples
  • Implementing RPs
    • General Implementation
    • Peer Conferencing

Repairing Our Schools through Restorative Justice

Teacher Jean Klasovsky shares the story of Farragut High School, a Chicago Public School in Little Village, which has become a model for how schools can improve climate and discipline by using restorative justice practices such as peace circles and peer juries.