Restorative Schools Toolkit


Umoja Peace Room

Restorative justice in schools is a set of practices and values that holistically prevents and repairs harm, builds community and relationships resulting in a positive supportive school.

This section is an overview of the different Restorative Practices. This includes how restorative practices grew out of restorative justice and descriptions of restorative practices for educational settings. Practices include:

  • Restorative conversations and language
  • Circles
  • Peer conferencing
  • Restorative conferencing

Replacing Our Schools through Restorative Justice

The Circle has created a common understanding of my classmates and my teacher. We all love the circle process because we feel it is a safe place where we can be honest with each other. It feels like a new way of communication has been created between myself and my classmates and my teacher. I feel more comfortable asking my teacher questions and be more understanding of everyone. I like the feeling of being able to talk and everyone listens. I feel like it has created a better environment and taken down an imaginary barrier between my teacher and the students. I think I realized my behavior and I try to behave better.
— Chicago area student

Restorative Practices in Willits Unified School District